Our Neighborhood Go-To's


Now that we have kids, it's far more common for us to have house guests. Translation: people like Nana and Papa can't keep their distance when there are little girls to be cuddled. Can't blame them a bit.

With guests, everyone has their go-to spots. We create a "short list" in our heads: the best of our neighborhood. These places also expose our guests to the settings in which we play out our lives. We're sharing a part of ourselves.

We live on Spokane's lower South Hill. With out-of-towners and a sturdy double stroller, we'll savor a dusktime walk through historic homes and towering pines. Cliff Park, Cliff Drive, Sumner Avenue. At Cliff's footbridge over Stevens St, we'll notice the city lights have flipped on. We get quiet before continuing our loop back down to Picabu Bistro, where it's always full but somehow we never have to wait long. 

What's your neighborhood go-to?

View from Cliff Drive courtesy of Ryan Lindberg Photography.

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Comments: Last week my uncle emailed me, letting me know he would be in Spokane and that he wanted to get dinner with my wife, sister, and me. Truthfully,