Silver Star Sloggin'

Silver Star Sloggin'

COMMENTS: I could feel Casey's excitement. We hadn't discussed the alternate plan in much detail, but his tick list is long enough that I knew there was something he would want to climb. "It's called Silver Star Mountain," he said...

Spring Ride

COMMENTS: I finally did it. I got my trusty road bike out of the shed, tuned her up and went for a ride on the Little Wenatchee River Road... 

Winter Gravlax

Winter Gravlax

As a Pacific Northwesterner, I like to think we have a lot in common with the Nordic folks across the globe

Krumholtz and Chai

Field Report No. 20151231BB

Topic: Speaking with a mountain
Conditions: Cold smoke


COMMENTS: The soul heals a little at a time. Rhythmic uphill thumping then losing it all slicing through cold smoke on the way down helps.

Today I reached the shadow indicating my entrance to the draw between buttes a few pushes earlier than I did yesterday indicating the subtle extension of the day's sun. Soon the mountain's fold swallowed me gratefully and I was up to my tingling scalp in the exhilaration of a lonely silent ski. I contemplated, I wrote this poem and that's words in the air, I feathered out bony wings so that I'd be prepared to fly down from the unremarkable summit when my aerobic work was done for the lap. How many times have I moved to one staggering mountain zone or another or performed my artistic alpinism in the world's greatest places only to settle on the tiniest humble hill as my object of daily worship? It must be these forgotten solitary places that keep their secrets best.

KEY FEATURES: The best powder in the Methow, silence ringing in my ears, and views spanning from Washington Pass to the Okanogan--an excellent way to survey coverage to plot one's next backcountry venture. Talkative krumholtz and rooibos chai to keep me company. Cristalline suspended water vapor dancing on the huff of a breeze makes it all a bit more magickal.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Après-ski, splash out on the S.O.B. at Arrowleaf Bistro to celebrate the close of another year with your loved ones. My voracious and discerning appetite always agrees with bacon mashed potatoes, a rare sirloin, and artfully-paired wine in their charming space.

Swinging through the sagelands

Swinging through the sagelands

COMMENTS: Communed with the sagelands on this morning's run while visiting family in the Columbia Basin. Though this land has been stifled by

The first snow

COMMENTS: My car strove to meet the distinct line of the season’s first storm as I pointed toward Washington Pass. Monoliths on both sides