Field Trip: Part I

Field Report No. 20150523AH

Topic: NorCal 

Conditions: West Coast 


COMMENTS: The familiar sounds of coffee brewing, (locally roasted and fair-trade, of course) the smell builds slight anticipation as memories of early mornings home and abroad rise to the surface--one too many whiskies last night (perhaps) but when you have a tolerance somewhere between Winston Churchill and André the Giant, I say let the night take you where it may. 

So far, boots-on-the-ground in Seattle, Reno, Truckee, and Tahoe City visiting snowless ski resorts and Olympic grounds, climbing to lookouts, wine tasting, making scratch margaritas, chatting with locals and fellow travelers, and eating lunch next to a lake in drought. Transportation thus far has consisted of planes and cars, perhaps there are trains and trollies in my future. 

KEY FEATURES: Temperate weather, comprehensive food-culture

RECOMMENDATIONS: As usual, locals possess valuable information on locales that can help you cut through the clutter and the noise to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to pass as a seasoned "full-timer." I suggest having a friend or family member in the area or waiting patiently for Field & Compass to expand to your location. 

Under the Great Blue Star

COMMENTS: We met up at Blue Star Coffee Roasters, right off highway 20 westbound entering Twisp. The wire mesh table shaded by Blue umbrella comforted us from