Under City Lights

Under City Lights

COMMENTS: The meal starts off well, and gets better. We're greeted by not one, but two charming Frenchmen, whose accents make each ingredient sound even more delicious. I opt for the bartender's whim...

Creature of (Ad)Venture

COMMENTS: A bustling business with countless familiar faces. It seems the people who discover McGlinn's never

Bratwurst Comedians

COMMENTS: Exchange of pleasantries upon entry, a long three days of festival festivities has not burdened this affable group of extroverted employees. The chemistry is

A Foodie Thing

A Foodie Thing

First of all, we were drawn to the beauty of the region.  From the orchards with a bounty of fruits to the high desert country with grapes and wheat, this place is geographically stunning and a culinary dream come true.  

Field Trip: Part I

Field Report No. 20150523AH

Topic: NorCal 

Conditions: West Coast 


COMMENTS: The familiar sounds of coffee brewing, (locally roasted and fair-trade, of course) the smell builds slight anticipation as memories of early mornings home and abroad rise to the surface--one too many whiskies last night (perhaps) but when you have a tolerance somewhere between Winston Churchill and André the Giant, I say let the night take you where it may. 

So far, boots-on-the-ground in Seattle, Reno, Truckee, and Tahoe City visiting snowless ski resorts and Olympic grounds, climbing to lookouts, wine tasting, making scratch margaritas, chatting with locals and fellow travelers, and eating lunch next to a lake in drought. Transportation thus far has consisted of planes and cars, perhaps there are trains and trollies in my future. 

KEY FEATURES: Temperate weather, comprehensive food-culture

RECOMMENDATIONS: As usual, locals possess valuable information on locales that can help you cut through the clutter and the noise to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to pass as a seasoned "full-timer." I suggest having a friend or family member in the area or waiting patiently for Field & Compass to expand to your location. 


COMMENTS: I was getting hungry but knew just where to go. We walked through Spokane's Kendall Yards to Veraci and saw the great red glow of

Date Night

COMMENTS: I always feel like a square when we go out to eat before 6:30 PM—something upon which we both agree and she reminded me of when

Try the Cashew Chicken

COMMENTS: It seems like Thai food always sounds good

Packer Backers

At Spokane's WisconsinBurger, the place will be... well, packed. Like every other restaurant with TVs in the great northwest, all screens will be set this coming Sunday at noon to the NFC Championship game: Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers. We all want to see the matchups: Aaron Rogers vs. Richard Sherman, Beastmode Lynch vs. Clay Matthews, the 12th Man vs. Everyone's Eardrums.

But at this neighborhood establishment, serving up ridiculously choice burgers for around ten bucks isn't the only obsession. It's also a Packer bar. Yes, the delicious fried cheese curds are eaten by passionate cheese heads, who converge on WisconsinBurger to root on the green and gold whenever they play. If you're a die-hard Hawks fan, you may want to steer clear during Sunday's game. Not because you're scared of interacting with Packers peoplethey are actually pretty nice compared to, say, Steelers fans (ugh). You'll just want to wait and visit after the Hawks dominate and punch their ticket to another Super Bowl. Then you can laugh in Amanda's face (a server who actually hails from Wisconsin) while you enjoy a cold beer, the best fries in town, and the unique burgers that have landed WB at #3 out of 772 Spokane restaurants on TripAdvisor.

You might hate them this weekend for loving the Packers. But with locally-sourced beef and grinds like the Spooner, a burger that includes a spoonful of bacon jam, you can't stay mad... especially after the right team wins.

Tasting the Harvest

COMMENTS: I stopped off at a roadside fruit stand and got to sample the goodies: