Place & Details

Place & Details

The F&C one-question interview gives us a glimpse behind the curtain at our favorite places. This time, we asked one question of Patrick McPherson, the Spokane publican behind Manito Tap House and The Blackbird Tavern + Kitchen

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

COMMENTS: Fresh from the field exploring and adventuring, there's one part of Maslow's Hierarchy that is often forgotten...

Night with Nealon

COMMENTS: Sitting at the bar, delighting in a margarita, prepping for another night of entertainment fresh off a bender of a

Bratwurst Comedians

COMMENTS: Exchange of pleasantries upon entry, a long three days of festival festivities has not burdened this affable group of extroverted employees. The chemistry is

Saturated with Pedigree

COMMENTS: A partially enclosed open porch and in this case, one of few public dining views of Lake Chelan. Regardless of weather conditions, Campbell's remains

A Northwest Loop

Mall-ternative: an eclectic mix of shopping, neighborhoods, and the outdoors in one segment of town… just in case you find yourself with some free time to spend in Spokane.

Try the Cashew Chicken

COMMENTS: It seems like Thai food always sounds good

Our Neighborhood Go-To's


Now that we have kids, it's far more common for us to have house guests. Translation: people like Nana and Papa can't keep their distance when there are little girls to be cuddled. Can't blame them a bit.

With guests, everyone has their go-to spots. We create a "short list" in our heads: the best of our neighborhood. These places also expose our guests to the settings in which we play out our lives. We're sharing a part of ourselves.

We live on Spokane's lower South Hill. With out-of-towners and a sturdy double stroller, we'll savor a dusktime walk through historic homes and towering pines. Cliff Park, Cliff Drive, Sumner Avenue. At Cliff's footbridge over Stevens St, we'll notice the city lights have flipped on. We get quiet before continuing our loop back down to Picabu Bistro, where it's always full but somehow we never have to wait long. 

What's your neighborhood go-to?

View from Cliff Drive courtesy of Ryan Lindberg Photography.

In a Corner Booth

Comments: Last week my uncle emailed me, letting me know he would be in Spokane and that he wanted to get dinner with my wife, sister, and me. Truthfully, 

Packer Backers

At Spokane's WisconsinBurger, the place will be... well, packed. Like every other restaurant with TVs in the great northwest, all screens will be set this coming Sunday at noon to the NFC Championship game: Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers. We all want to see the matchups: Aaron Rogers vs. Richard Sherman, Beastmode Lynch vs. Clay Matthews, the 12th Man vs. Everyone's Eardrums.

But at this neighborhood establishment, serving up ridiculously choice burgers for around ten bucks isn't the only obsession. It's also a Packer bar. Yes, the delicious fried cheese curds are eaten by passionate cheese heads, who converge on WisconsinBurger to root on the green and gold whenever they play. If you're a die-hard Hawks fan, you may want to steer clear during Sunday's game. Not because you're scared of interacting with Packers peoplethey are actually pretty nice compared to, say, Steelers fans (ugh). You'll just want to wait and visit after the Hawks dominate and punch their ticket to another Super Bowl. Then you can laugh in Amanda's face (a server who actually hails from Wisconsin) while you enjoy a cold beer, the best fries in town, and the unique burgers that have landed WB at #3 out of 772 Spokane restaurants on TripAdvisor.

You might hate them this weekend for loving the Packers. But with locally-sourced beef and grinds like the Spooner, a burger that includes a spoonful of bacon jam, you can't stay mad... especially after the right team wins.