A Moment Downtown

COMMENTS: We met up at Mela and nine shots later skipped down the street and popped in at American Shoe Shop. The spinning of giant

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

COMMENTS: Fresh from the field exploring and adventuring, there's one part of Maslow's Hierarchy that is often forgotten...

Night with Nealon

COMMENTS: Sitting at the bar, delighting in a margarita, prepping for another night of entertainment fresh off a bender of a

Saturday Ritual

COMMENTS: Eating seasonally is unbelievably simple this time of year. An afternoon well spent entails embracing your inner Julia Child and creating a farmers market themed lunch or gourmet picnic.

Creature of (Ad)Venture

COMMENTS: A bustling business with countless familiar faces. It seems the people who discover McGlinn's never


F&C: One of your most recent changes to Tastebuds is the expansion of the menu and addition of full service dinner. What is your favorite menu item and why? 

Alisa: The Certified Angus 8oz. Sirloin.  I am a meat eater, and Miguel
cooks this steak to perfection--and I mean juicy, mouthwatering premium Angus beef driven perfection. 

Whether it's served on our Steak Salad or as a main entrée.  His Pendleton Whisky Peppercorn sauce is amazing on this steak!

-Alisa Strutzel, Tastebuds

Ale Yeah!

COMMENTS: Highlighted colored umbrellas provide shade for an otherwise graytone walk-way. The flow of beer never

Virtue and Bright Memories

COMMENTS: After explaining to the barista the virtue and value of Ibex I trucked back to home base and we loaded up the

A Foodie Thing

A Foodie Thing

First of all, we were drawn to the beauty of the region.  From the orchards with a bounty of fruits to the high desert country with grapes and wheat, this place is geographically stunning and a culinary dream come true.  

Inspiration for All

F&C 1-Question Interview: 

How did you first fall in love with antiques/upcycled decor?

About a decade ago I found myself attracted to the design and high-end style found at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Ballard designs and began to challenge myself to create the same look with found and re-purposed items.

In '07 I started to sell my finds--along with two other partners--at the antique mall in Cashmere, WA. We quickly outgrew that space and expanded several times before I opened my first retail shop, Inspirations at Home in 2008. My first grandson was born in September of 2009 and although I love my time at the shop, I wanted more “grandma time" and so relocated Inspirations back to the Antique Mall in Cashmere by the end of that year.

It's been an exciting journey, and I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and time from so many individuals. My husband, Martin, is my fix-it guy, collector and furniture expert. My son, Roman, helps with the heavy stuff and builds the most beautiful farm tables! I often seek advice from my daughter, Megan, on current trends and colors. She knows her stuff. My sister-in-law, LaPerria, and shopping companion encouraged me from the beginning, and even suggested my current location years before I was ready. I could not run this business alone, and my four employees are among the best to help run the show and manage our 50+ vendors/consignors. They truly have an eye for design and are passionate about creating beauty. It's been a team effort and will continue that way, as we all try to hold Out On A Whim up to its motto by offering 'simple and inspiring decor for your home.'

-Kara Velazquez, Out on a Whim

Drinks for Two

COMMENTS:  We caught up over Manhattans both rye and bourbon and other drinks as well and it was good to connect over the

Pomme Friends

COMMENTS: We were thirsty to begin with and easily quenched that via the lefthand tap at Pybus Bistro (after our first stop for cocktails at Fire) and soon thereafter needed


F&C Single Question Interview:

Jessica, how did you fall in love with jewelry making?

I first started making jewelry with my Grandma in grade school.  We tried all kinds of jewelry techniques, making our own beads out of clay and basic bead stringing.  Then one day my Grandad bought me my first pair of round nose pliers--pliers I still have and use--and that is when I fell in love.  Something about bending, hammering and shaping metal really inspires me.  

In high school and college I would make jewelry and my friends would always ask to buy it. I enjoy making jewelry that is easy to wear and--honestly--easy to make.  I lose interest in pieces that takes too many steps to make.  I think it's the simplicity of my jewelry that makes it so popular.  It's perfect for everyday or for dressing up. Now that I have stepped into more of a managerial role with my business and am making less jewelry I realize how much I really do love the process and what an vital part of my life--and mental health--it is.  I make a point now of sitting down at least once a week to create new pieces or hang out with our production team and make jewelry for our stores. -Jessica Russell, Tumbleweed

Impromptu Tasting

COMMENTS: It was about 4:30 and I had about an hour to kill before meeting up at McGlinn's with a friend I'd known for ages but hadn't seen in some time on account of

Inn Season

COMMENTS: A while back I learned that you can drop by any old time (a phone call first is best on account of 


COMMENTS: Stormed town from the north via Highway 97 and needed to stretch our legs. The irresistible power of the Columbia River drew us like

Welcome Back

There’s a big hill right before you drive into the Wenatchee Valley on Highway 2/97. It stands out because up until that point  it’s a relatively flat drive after you leave the mountains behind at the Big Y.  The hotel at the top of the hill used to have a blonde gal diving off the side of the sign and into the pool. It’s a different hotel now, the main sign is still there, but no more bathing beauty—heard she got sold to a hotel down south, Yakima I think.

Warm Springs Inn on the Wenatchee River, just before the big hill.

Warm Springs Inn on the Wenatchee River, just before the big hill.

I’ve driven up this hill in at least twenty separate cars and it’s always a little different. In my ‘79 Toyota Tercel, you had to speed up then drop it into 3rd when the grade really took off. We drove it many times in Mike’s ‘82 Cruiser. Mike was a tall, thin guy who had a mop of curly brown hair and a hard cut jawline with one inch lamb chops.

There are two things I remember about Mike and that Cruiser. The first thing is that it had a major oil leak. When you drove it around a highway cloverleaf it got all over the engine and started chugging copious amounts of thick, black smoke from under the hood. The second thing is how Mike used to buy eight ounce, double Americanos at every possible occasion, top them up with cream and refuse to put a lid on the cup. He’d set those things on the center console, right behind the stick, fire up the engine and we’d hit the road. Land Cruisers are boxy, especially those older models; with a manual transmission they’re downright  jumpy.

Wenatchee's best coffee can be found downtown at Caffe Mela.

Wenatchee's best coffee can be found downtown at Caffe Mela.

So there I’d be, bouncing around with Mike and that Americano, expecting it to spill on my lap at any moment. But it never did. Not once. I don’t recall he ever spilled a drop. He’d just bounce along, lit up with a sparkle in his eye, head rolled back with a crazy toothy grin on his face, all the while knowing my apprehension as he defied physics with that damn Americano on the center console.

Anyway, when you drive up the hill you kind of expect to see something at the top, but it just levels off and you only catch glimpses of the city, here and there. You can see neighborhoods on some of the hills, but you really don’t see the town. Pretty soon the hotel is coming up on the right hand side and then in a heartbeat the world opens up. The Wenatchee Valley is sprawled out before you like an open book, ready for adventure.

On one particular day, just before the hotel, Mike turned to me and said something I’ll remember my whole life. “I’ve lived in Seattle a while now, but as soon as I’m over this hill I feel different - alive. There’s just something about this this place.”

“Yeah.” I thought, “That’s how I feel too.”

Date Night

COMMENTS: I always feel like a square when we go out to eat before 6:30 PM—something upon which we both agree and she reminded me of when

Higher Ground

COMMENTS: We filled our bellies with eggs and grits and made a run at Burch Mountain in an attempt to reach Eagle Rock. Unfortunately for us,

Double Trouble

COMMENTS: Finished the day at Badger Mountain Brewing where my heart lept at the words "Double IPA".