Revel77 Coffee

Specialty, third-wave coffee • Equipment • Beans • 3223 E. 57th Ave, Spokane, WA 99223 • (509) 280-0518

I’ve heard of destination weddings… this is a destination coffee shop. Plenty of south-side folk live and work in the vicinity of Revel77, but I’ve heard legend of Whitworth University students coming from the far north country just to sample the award-winning goodness happening up on 57th Avenue. On a summer day, I watch the cream slowly and beautifully cloud a pint glass full of cold brew and ice. In the winter, I hunker down with a mug and pre-pay for refills. Something about the design of this place helps make creativity and productivity happen.

KEY FEATURES: Coffee so good it’s unreal. This specialty coffeeshop meticulously crafts every beverage to create an unparalleled coffee experience. They offer espresso, pour overs, lattes, tea, pastries, and a small assortment of food items. Moreover, their modern environment lends itself to productivity or play: they even recently acquired PONG!