Durkin's Liquor Bar

Restaurant • Crafted Cocktails • Upstairs/Downstairs Bars • 415 W Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 • (509) 863-9501

We were remodeling the basement of my house when my comrade busted a wall apart, crushing the plaster and lath. Inside were two bombers—large-size beer bottlesfrom “Inland Pride Brewing,” a time capsule from workers who nailed that lath up in the first place. After some research, I found they were a century old. Both were emblazoned with a copper label: “Sold by Durkin’s,” with a three-digit phone number. Today, Durkin’s Liquor Bar celebrates an old Spokane booze purveyor, complete with an impeccably designed speakeasy-style basement bar and a wealth of pleasing drinks. One lunch with friends provides laughter, memories, and exposure to truly addictive burgers and fries.

Try the Restraining Order at the upstairs bar, and the Viceroy downstairs. This place tips its cap to old-Spokane history while delivering a big city feel—and their full restaurant menu is both classic and creative.