Little Garden Café

Evans Bros Coffee • Scratch-made Food • Breakfast & Lunch • 2901 W Northwest Blvd, Spokane WA 99205 • (509) 328-5500

Hours and hours. Writing and working and emailing and writing some more. A good chunk of graduate school spent using the wifi in a space as comfortable as home, but with far better coffee and food. I'm still paying off the student loan money that bought all those flawless Americanos and drip refills. Now that I have kids, they get to play in the pretend kitchen as Corina bakes up homemade goodies and creates savory soups in the real one.

KEY FEATURES: Audubon Park is a hidden gem, and this kid-friendly spot across the way serves up Evans Brothers coffee, homemade treats, and the cozy feel of a friend’s living room.