The Kitchen Engine

Equipment • Ingredients • Classes • Test Kitchen • Coffee Lab •  621 W Mallon, Spokane, WA 99201 • (509) 328-3335

"Are you kidding me with this place?” my friend almost shouts, pacing through the rare gear and ingredients he is finding here--stuff he knows he will find nowhere else in town. Generations of foodies are discovering that it’s not just about Instagramming plates from restaurants, but there is real joy in producing one’s own masterpieces for the people we love. The Kitchen Engine isn’t just about items, either. You acquire skills here.

Discover your inner chef by picking up a few tips from the pros—and a few lasting pieces for your own kitchen. From cast iron pans to espresso machines, they work hard to compete with Internet pricing on thousands of items to upgrade your setup. Plus, there’s always a fun class coming up in the demonstration kitchen or the new coffee lab.