Sala Thai

Aromas • Flavors • Service • 12914 W Sunset Hwy, Airway Heights, WA 99001 • (509) 244-4800

The ten-minute drive from downtown to Airway Heights has become something for which I yearn. At first, I would long for friends to call and ask me to drop them off at the airport. Then I realized: I need no excuse to visit to Pat and Mam for the privilege of spooning some amply spiced massaman curry over a bed of rice. The level of flavor here is only matched by the owners’ kindness and community connectedness.

Anecdote: a Thai culinary instructor at a local college tells her students that the area's tastiest curry can be found with a short drive out to this mom-and-pop shop in Airway Heights. Pro-tip: stop in for a helping of the Siam Chicken before or after your flight.