Kendall Yards Night Market  *  Marmot Art Space

Arts • Artisans • Gatherings • Gallery •  1206 W Summit Parkway (Adams Alley), Spokane, WA 99201  •  (509) 270-5804 •

I saunter down Adams Alley on a bluebird of a summer day in Kendall Yards. Marshall Peterson, photographer and arts instigator extraordinaire, is sitting on the curb having an intense (in a good way) conversation with one of the business owners in Spokane's freshest new neighborhood. I wait for them to finish, trying not to eavesdrop. What I do pick up is the level of energy and effort going into the creative side of Kendall Yards. First Fridays, art shows, live music, festivalsmarket nights, and collaborations with the eateries along Summit Parkway—it's an seemingly endless list of quality, and locals and travelers alike are invited to engage.

Though less visible than the architecture popping up north of the river, there’s an equally impressive development happening in Kendall Yards. The neighborhood is intentionally building a healthy ecosystem for artists and artisans—two notable examples are Marmot Art Space (a modern “white box” gallery) and the Kendall Yards Night Market (Wednesdays 4-8pm, mid-May thru mid-October).