Wild Walls Climbing Gym

Beginner-to-Expert • Classes • Historic Building • Drop-in Yoga  202 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 • (509) 455-9596

It’s time to gather the troops: the full community of students and adults in the mentoring program. Setting up a group climb at Wild Walls is a no-brainer. An activity that everyone loves, which also promotes health and empowerment? Well-designed space flooded with natural light? Decent prices, with an easy-to-fill-out online waiver? This is too easy. Some of the routes I will try at the event will not be as straightforward. The guys and gals with the memberships will try to avoid chuckling as I lose my grip and sit back into my harness. I’ll be smiling, too.

Active is addictive at Wild Walls. With enough top-rope and bouldering problems to satiate avid climbers, beginner-friendly options, and drop-in yoga classes, this century-old armory building is your place to de-stress.