Wonders of the World

Accessories • Adornments • Artifacts • Bead Shop • 621 W Mallon, Spokane, WA 99201 • (509) 328-6890

It’s mall-ternative time. As a family, we’re forgetting about the forgettable experiences we’ve had there, and opting for something seriously uncommon. Spokane’s Flour Mill has what we’re looking for: a historic building with character, and with characters. One is Pamela, the proprietor at Wonders of the World. She’ll fill you in on the details of each rare and unique item she has collected in the place, from upscale pieces for the home to stunning jewelry or even fossils. Pamela and her staff bring it all to the table: real expertise, a great sense of humor, and a magical knack for capturing one’s imagination.

Allow time to linger: this world import shop offers jewelry, beads, artifacts, and natural wonders that will pique the interest of every member of the family. Grab a fossil, gawk at a 50,000 year old cave bear skeleton, find a new favorite mineral, adorn yourself, and choose something you’ll treasure. Just steps from the footbridges over the thundering Spokane falls.