Vermilyea Pelle

Durable Leather Goods • 126 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, (509) 881-0335

The fine handmade leather goods of Dustin Spencer come to life through his brand, Vermilyea Pelle. We love the texture and the authenticity of everything he creates.

Started in the hands of a practiced craftsman and built with machines, tools and methods pulled from history, Vermilyea Pelle, (vur-MIL-yuh pel-le), produces a line of high-end, bench-made innovative products with sustainable old-world materials. Vermilyea Pelle creates bench-made, vintage inspired, heritage durable goods. Their products last a life time and gain character with age. From bags, to shoes, to belts and accessories, every part of every product is touched by his hands.