Viadolce Gelato

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"Italian Ice Cream" as a tantalizing combination of words is only perfected by the beautifully displayed collection of flavors, which sweeten up your morning, day, or evening.  

The colors of gelato are bright, the flavors are intense, and the consistency is rich and velvety. Here at Viadolce, it's all achieved without artificial colors or flavors, and it's crafted to be light on the palate, leaving no aftertaste. Indulge!

Before (or while) you enjoy, a quick history lesson seems apropos. Gelato was created in Italy in the far north by the people of Dolomite and in the far south by the people of Sicily. In Dolomite, the gelato was made with milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and natural flavors. Snow was stored in the cantina (basement) during the winter seasons, and when tourists were traveling during the summertime into the mountains of Dolomite, the sale of gelato was one of the community's major sources of income. Gelato was considered to be a rich-man's dessert, and few people could afford it. When tourism slowed in Dolomite, gelato artisans traveled to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and France to sell their creations in wealthy communities.

While Dolomite cornered the market on milk-based gelato in the northern regions and neighboring countries, a variant was becoming popular in the south. This version of gelato was lower in fat, predominantly water-based, slightly higher in sugar content, and was called ""sorbetto," known today as "sorbet." In Sicily, underground storage spaces were used to store compacted snow... some as deep as 30 meters (over 90 feet). Likewise, local Sicilian artisans would travel to neighboring countries to sell their wonderful dessert.

At Viadolce, feel free to pretend you're in the Italian Alps as you savor your gelato, or just sit back and be thankful that a first-rate version is available right here in the mountains of the pacific northwest.