We Believe

you are bigger than you know, more important than you realize, and will achieve greater feats than you can even imagine. Explore with us, and change the world.


A merging of values and interests.

Birthed from a desire to market the very best our home had to offer, we formed FIELD & COMPASS, LTD to promote a lifestyle of optimistic adventure and enriching opportunities for all individuals by engaging with local businesses. We all live where we do for a reason, and we quickly found out that there are plenty of reasons to market the very best of other communities as well.


A Rising Tide Floats all Boats.

It's our belief that most small businesses are destined for greatness but sadly, are not reaching their full potential. We equip owners and managers with the tools they need to effectively market their business and maximize their impact in the world. 

If you're an owner or manager, take control of your destiny and subscribe to Field & Compass for business. We'll schedule a time to meet with you, build you a custom marketing plan, and then help you execute that plan.